Using Custom SKEY in PDMS Isometric Drawing

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Here is a page that discusses how to use the Custom SKEY in PDMS Isometric drawings and to resume the previous PDMS tutorial Create New SKEY for Isometric Drawing in PDMS Draft, please read it before continue.

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How to use the Custom SKEY in PDMS Isometric drawings :

1. After SKEY file previously created is already completed (eg ISOSYMBOL), save the file in the folder %Samiso%\std\.

to know where the location of the folder by command Q EVAR Samiso.

%Samiso% and folder placement in this tutorial PDMS just as an example, you can put in other directories in accordance with PDMS project you are doing.

2. Open isometric optionfile with notepad, optionfile contained in the folder %Samiso%\std\previewisostd.txt.

If the file does not exist, open the folder %pdmsui%\dflts\std\previewisostd.txt, copy and paste the file in the folder %samiso%\std\previewisostd.txt.

to know where the location of the %pdmsui% folder by command Q EVAR pdmsui.

3. Find and replace the word SymbolFile with SymbolFile /%Samiso%\std\ISOSYMBOL READONLY, save the file. If the word is not found then added the SymbolFile code on optionfile.


4. Make piping components using the SKEY (SKEY we have created is a component VCBB for Double Block and bleeds valve).


5. Select the PIPE and generate isometric drawings, Utilities >> Pipe Isometric… and symbols SKEY already appear.


Please go to the page ( PDMS macro download ) to get AVEVA PDMS Macro and others PDMS tools in order to optimize your PDMS jobs.

Please write your request in the comments on the page Request to request of PDMS macro or PDMS tutorial.

9 thoughts on “Using Custom SKEY in PDMS Isometric Drawing

  1. Sree

    I tried it ….but not working …
    We created the symbol followed by your article,when we creating isometric it saying in command line ‘no base for my skey’

      1. Sree

        Thank you sir for your reply…..
        I tried with system base key also….the same error i am getting …
        Can we edit the default symbols……?

        1. admin Post author

          Try with change SymbolFile in isometric option file to override the default Skey, i think better new Skey for new symbol.

  2. pavan


    IAM UNABLE TO FIND THE FOLDER %Samiso%\std\. AND %pdmsui%\dflts\std\.and iam not able to find the skey in detail text which i created.



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