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  1. PDMS tutorial for getting report from a template and a macro or text file for clipping box the CE, adjusting the bix in all sides and adding items within box.

      1. Hi again! Maybe you have a macro of “by position” shortcut icon. I saw it before. Thanks!

        1. Hi Roberto Ortiz,
          Thanks for your request but we are sorry can’t get the point.
          Please declare about your request.

  2. Hello Admin,

    Thanks for Create and update new macros…

    How to create new SKEY with help of Autocad and upload in PDMS Admin??

  3. HI,

    Is it possible when exporting draft to autocad it maintains the dimension intellectual (if you move the object the dimension will be automatic adjust sort of) and text can be a block attributes sort of.

  4. Hello Admin,

    May I know do you have intelligent macro to generate drawings in draft module ? I want the output including dimension, tagging for support name, pipe line no with BOP elevation? I also saw in youtube that it also can come out each support details sheets with pipe line no. according to design model.

    1. download PDMSid in playstore, you can learn by video from youtube filtered by us.

  5. Hi,

    How to activate AutoSavework in E3D 2.1?
    The method you presented on the web page does work for PDMS 12.1 SP4 but it doesn’t for E3D.
    After changes done in asave file the only way to start the form is type in the command line ‘show !!vmautosave’ but macro doesn’t work while the warning “Auto Save Utility Not Loaded” appears…

    Best Regards

  6. dear sirs, im looking for a macro that will selct whatever is inisde the box (rectangle selection) by clipping, and calculate the COG

  7. Hi there

    I have purchased your macro but yet to recieve it could you please advise ?
    You can contact me via given mail and I can share my proof of payment to you .

    Alex Jones

  8. Is there any macro to convert data in an attribute in DESIGN into a QR-Code that can be place in DRAFT and ISODRAFT?

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