Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 Overview and New Feature

Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 Full service pack release ( non crack ) – includes :

  • Piping
    • Non-standard branch connections
    • New pipe fabrication application.
  • Structural
    • Bent plates
  • Enhanced Hole Management.
  • Mechanical Equipment Interface (MEI) improvements.
  • Many other enhancements.
  • Numerous error corrections & minor enhancements.
    • including those rolled up from previous fixes.
  • Engineering and Diagrams also upgraded to 12.1 SP4

Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 new feature :


Aveva PDMS 12.1.SP4 Pipe Connections
Aveva PDMS 12.1.SP4 Pipe Connections
  • New capabilities for design & detailing of.
    • pipe tappings.
    • boss connections.
    • etc.
  • Piping designers can connect anywhere on.
    • Piping
    • Pipe components.
      ( Without needing catalogue work ).
  • Known as “Non-standard branch connections”.
      • Example : Steam Header
    Aveva PDMS 12.1.SP4 Steam Header
    Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 Steam Header
      • Example : Water Main
    Aveva PDMS 12.1.SP4 Water Main
    Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 Water Main
    Aveva PDMS 12.1.SP4 Steam Header Isometric
    Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 Steam Header Isometric
      • Example : Large bore, multiple connections
    Aveva PDMS 12.1.SP4 Multiple Connections
    Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 Multiple Connections
      • Example : Drain leg from valve

    Aveva PDMS 12.1.SP4 Enhanced Database
    Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 Enhanced Database
  • New pipe fabrication capabilities
    • modelling extensions
    • fabrication checking tools
    • optimisation capabilities
    • fabrication & installation drawings
    • configurable output tools for bending, welding & extrusion machines


    • New “Bent plate” capabilities
      • plate curved in one plane
          • brackets, cladding etc.

        Aveva PDMS 12.1.SP4 Structural Bent plate detail
        Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 Structural Bent plate detail

Mechanical Equipment *

  • Improved interactive PDMS response with imported Mechanical Equipment
    • up to 3 times faster
  • More structure in the imported model
    • easier to work with

* Import requires an AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface license

Citrix support

    • Available for a
      • number of project scenarios / configurations
      • with & without AVEVA Global
    • AVEVA PDMS 12.1 SP4 is certified as “Citrix Ready
Aveva PDMS 12.1.SP4 Citrix Support Scenario
Aveva PDMS 12.1 SP4 Citrix Support Scenario

AVEVA’s new licensing technology

Enhanced Database Search

  • More powerful tools for managing change
  • Date modified included date modified in
    • Database search filters
    • Search reports

Enhanced security / IPR protection tools

  • Database IPR protection links with PML encryption *
  • Lock & key mechanism between encrypted PML and a protected database

* PML encryption requires an AVEVA PML Publisher  licence

Schematic 3D Integrator enhancements *

  • Less complexity for end user
    • easier to use
    • simplified output
  • More configurability for administrator
  • Increased connectivity scope
  • electrical connections on instruments, valves, etc.

* Requires an AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator licence

Enhanced Integration with AVEVA Bocad Steel

  • New version of AVEVA Bocad Steel Interface
  • Improved handling of parametric sections
    • More steel successfully transferred
  • More flexible & easier to use mapping
    • Profiles matched even with different naming conventions & formats between Bocad & PDMS
  • First availability of Compare & Update for Bocad users
    • Bocad users can understand changes made in PDMS & have control over when to accept them

Compatibility highlights

  • AVEVA Engineering
    • datasheets produced from the new AVEVA Engineering datasheets capabilities can reference 3D data created with PDMS
    • built-in, configurable AVEVA NET Gateway *

* Separate licence required


PDMS release 12.1 SP4 – Summary

  • Numerous fault corrections & minor enhancements
  • New branch connection options for piping
    • Tappings, boss connections etc.
  • New pipe fabrication functionality
  • New bent plate items for structural
    • Cladding, brackets etc
  • Faster performance with imported mechanical equipment
    • And more structure
  • Support for Citrix
  • Database search on date modified
  • Enhanced security for encrypted PML/protected databases
  • Easier to use Schematic 3D Integrator option
  • Enhanced integration with AVEVA Bocad Steel

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