Create New SKEY from AutoCAD 2D to PDMS Draft

How to create a new SKEY using AutoCAD 2D and transferred to PDMS Draft? by using this tool, you will be easy to convert 2D AutoCAD to PDMS Isodraft Symbol Template.

Here’s how to use the tool New SKEY from 2D AutoCAD to PDMS Draft:

1. Open AutoCAD and load ISYMB_CAD2PDMS.VLX in AutoCAD, file can download via download button below.

Download This Page in PDF

– Tools >> Load Application…



2. Setting before create SKEY Symbols in AutoCAD.

Type command DDPTYPE,

Change Pointer Size value 1 and select Set Size in Absolute Units.


3.  AutoCAD commands that used :


ISOSYM_ARRIVE: Make a point of arrival based on the flow of isometric drawings.

ISOSYM_LEAVE: Make the exit point based on the flow in isometric drawings.

ISOSYM_TEE: Creating a branching point if a component has more than one point of exit / entry.

ISOSYM_SPINDLE: Make a point where it will be described in the Spindle symbol isometric drawings if needed.

ISOSYMB_PDMS: Generate a file from AutoCAD drawings and ready to be transferred to the PDMS Draft.

4. Create SKEY symbols using AutoCAD.

– Draw a SKEY symbols with AutocCAD object (LINE, CIRCLE, etc.), as an example is a Valve.

– Create ARRIVE, LEAVE (there should be) using the above command, add the TEE or SPINDLE if necessary.


– Explode all objects, by typing X and select all objects that have been created.

5. Save the export to a file.

– Type command ISOSYMB_PDMS in AutoCAD.

– Select all the objects that have been created in AutoCAD, including Leave, Arrive, Tees and Spindle symbols.

– Type name of symbol.


– Enter the file name and stored in the directory.


6. Load the export results file into PDMS Draft.

Drag and drop the files into PDMS Draft,


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