Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command

This page shows how the ways convert DXF file to PLT file.
AVEVA PDMS software has additional tools in order to convert DXF files to PLT files with ease. This tools named Plot.exe and located at  C:\AVEVA\Plant\PDMS12.0.SP*\Plot\Plot.exe.

Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command

But the Plot.exe file can not be executed directly, it must be through the command prompt or commandline PDMS.

This command is used SYSCOM ‘PLOT ( space ) PDMS ( space ) DXF file location ( spasi ) PLT file location conversion results

Sample of Convert Dxf to Plt command :

SYSCOM ‘PLOT PDMS D:\PDMSid\Tutorial\pdms.dxf D:\PDMSid\Tutorial\pdms.plt

How to convert DXF to PLT :

  1. Make a dxf file via AutoCAD software or the like.
  2. Explode all object that is already in the drawing so that all objects can be converted  to PLT file.
  3. Save the AutoCAD file into DXF file.
  4. Save the DXF at the folder that named not contain space. example D:\PDMSid\Tutorial\pdms.dxf not D:\PDMSid convert\Tutorial\pdms.dxf
  5. Open Aveva PDMS software and write the command PLOT into command line.


Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command DxF
DXF file


Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command PLT
PLT file

Maybe useful and please if any question write comment in commentar colomn below.

13 thoughts on “Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command”

  1. I correct. In one Project I’ve the error: FILE FORMAT UNEXPECTED but in other Project it run Ok.

    When I open the “plt” file, the scale is very small. As small that I can’t see anything.

    1. Hi Kscv,
      What meaning of “in other Project”, whether PDMS version is different?
      what PDMS version are you using ?
      Try make a DXF file from CAD with full as A4 ( 297 x 210 ) paper and set LIMITS ON.

  2. Hi admin,

    I have the version PDMS 12.1.SP4 fix20. Now runs. The problem have been that de the CAD had dimensions very small.

    Thanks for all.

  3. I can’t do the “plt” OK. I’ve a problem with the simbols for example diameter and others. I don’t found any font with this simbol and It gives equal fount select. the program puts the same fount always. I don’t understand why doesn’t use the fount that I want 🙂


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