About Me

This blog is only part of the my experience  as Indonesian citizens.

What is here, is not an absolute must follow and a reference. It could have been me in writing at the time was not yet understood, so that what is conveyed may not have been appropriate. Or there is my understanding that different from you, I will open on feedback and criticism.

The material that I write here, I can from what I read, from the internet, forums, Project Specification, Training, Standard or even of Text Book are almost entirely in English. Then why do I write in Indonesian? the reason that I would not want to study and interpret it, besides that for the reader to more easily understand what I say. Because we realize it or not, no matter how great the English language, we would be more comfortable if delivered with our native language, which is Indonesian.

Over time coupled with all the problems I encountered, I hope all I can pour in an article with the aim to increase knowledge for all readers. If anyone can help me, please contact me at contact me.

Thank you, enjoy this blog.