Abbreviation often used in PDMS

Below is the abbreviation often used in 3d pdms design especially and in all engineering generally.

Abbreviation often used in PDMS :

PDMS or Plant Design Management System
Enables you to design a 3D computer model of a process plant. PDMS allows you to see a full colour-shaded representation of the plant model as your design progresses, adding an extremely impressive level of realism to traditional drawing office techniques.

A sequence of commands stored as a text file. When the macro is called from within PDMS, the command processor reads each line of the file in turn and behaves as if the commands were being directly entered.

PML or Programmable Macro Language
A domain specific language developed by Aveva to enable customisation of their plant and marine design products.

A specific item of data which defines one of the properties of an element in a database. An element is fully specified by combining all its attributes.

MEI or Mechanical Equipment Interface
Licensed software by Aveva used to Efficient design transfer between 3D MCAD systems and AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting accurate 3D models of suppliers’ equipment items.

A discrete item of data held in a database; identified by number and/or name and defined by its attributes.

CE or Current Element
The element in a database at which you are notionally situated at a given stage of database navigation.

One higher-level element linked directly above another element (one of its members) in a database hierarchy.

Drag and drop
Select with mouse and then drag (holding the mouse button down) to a different place.

All information which exists about an AVEVA design project, whether administrative or technical, is stored in a series of hierarchical databases.

The input end of a BRANCH (under normal flow conditions).

The output end of a BRANCH (under normal flow conditions).

The highest level element in any database; always allocated the symbol /* as its PDMS name.

UDA or User Defined Attribute
A database attribute whose name and type of content are defined by the user rather than by the default PDMS structure.

A fundamental design shape (box, cylinder etc.) used to build up the design of a physical entity in the design model or component catalogue.

Design Parameter
Property values for use in a Design.

Command line
Used to type is commands instead of using forms and menus.

Design Explorer
Graphical method of exploring the Design Database.

Folder locations that are config by pdms administrator. You can get the location with write a command Q EVAR PDMSUSER in command line.

TTY Mode
PDMS without the GUI ( Graphic User Interface ).


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