PDMS Macro Sort Pipe Hierarchy by Name

We can sorting name of pipe hierarchy by letter use PDMS Macro Sort Pipe.

Speed is important when used to find the position of PDMS pipe is located. With the name of a neat pipe will be easier in the search and of course looks nice.

PDMS Macro Sort Pipe
Macro Sort Pipe Interface

How to use PDMS Macro Sort Pipe :

  1. Open file PDMSMacroSortPipeForm.pdmsid with notepad, change value MacroFolderLocation in file PDMSMacroSortPipeForm.pdmsid with your current file location.
  2. Drag and drop macro file in to pdms commandline.
  3. All pipe should be unlocked.
  4. Select Owner of PIPE hierarchy ( ZONE ).
  5. Choose sorting option
    • Ascending
    • Descending
  6. Pipe hierarchy under Zone will reorder automatically, see the image below as an example.
PDMS Macro Sort Pipe Hierarchy by Name
Pipe Hierarchy before sorting


PDMS Macro Sort Pipe Hierarchy by Name After
Pipe Hierarchy after sorting

PDMS have a original sorting command to re-order an items list of members in ascending alpha-numeric order, you can type !!KSortMembers in command line and all member will reorder.

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