Introduce Using Aveva PDMS Quick Report

AVEVA PDMS Quick Report is helpful for the PDMS designers in checking whether their work is in conformity with the modeling procedure or not, for example, is in the naming of an instrument or know any valve that has been installed in an area or SITE hierarchy.

You can also easily create reports using Easy PDMS Report Tools.

Here are some examples of the use of AVEVA PDMS Quick Report for the PDMS designer or PDMS modeler:

  • Instrument check whether all items have been given names,
  • check if the specifications that have been made are correct,
  • knowing the value of attribute on an item,
  • and others.

How to use the AVEVA PDMS Quick Report:

Open the menu PDMS Quick report with the Utilities >> Quick Reports …

Introduce Using Aveva PDMS Quick Report Column
Aveva PDMS Quick Report

Files & Term : Enter the name of the file to save the results of the report, check the box Term if you just want to see a report on the command line.

Type : Enter the type of element for example:

  • VALV
  • ATTA
  • GASK FLAN (use spaces to add any other type)
  • etc

If the Type box is empty then all Element will be reported.

With : this option is a way to narrow the report. Enter the expression, for example:

  • ABORE GT 30 (if ABORE greater than 30, then the element will be reported)
  • TPOS [3] LE 1000 (if the Tail elevation lower than 1000)
  • ABORE GT 30 AND NAME OF SITE NEQ ‘A01’ (if ABORE greater than 30 and not the same as the name of SITE A01 then the element will be reported)
  • etc

Column : this is the attribute to be output in a report. The attributes that you specify will be used as the title for the column. As an example:


You can enter an expression, enclosed in round brackets. The following example generates the type, name, and the first three characters of the owner’s name:


Hierarchy : enter the element name or elements in the top of the hierarchy you want to report. Because you can provide a list of elements, you must enter the slash character before each name, except WORLD. As an example:

  • / *
  • / 100-C-12/200-C-14/150-C-10 (use the spacebar to add)
  • etc

Run the Report : click this button and the report will be generated.

Notes :

  • Templates can not be saved and reused.
  • When you press the Dismiss button, fill out the form will be saved. Everything that you enter will be displayed on the form when it is displayed again.


Introduce Using Aveva PDMS Quick Report Result
Introduce Using Aveva PDMS Quick Report Result

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