Two Phase Flow Arrow in PDMS Isometric Drawing

This article is the content of the way how to make a two phase flow arrow in PDMS Isometric Drawing.

In piping isometric drawing of pdms there should be any flow arrow symbol, flow arrow direction in pdms isometric drawing accordance with the flow of piping fluid or hierarchy of BRAN.

There is a condition in which a pipe has a two-way flow, so that the necessary symbol of the flow direction in the figure Piping Isometric (Two Phase Flow). Rather than be changed manually via AutoCAD.
Let us find out how that symbol may appear automatically on the PDMS models directly.

Here’s how to change the direction of the symbol flow / Flow Arrow on pdms isometric drawings in PDMS design.

  1. Put Current Element on BRAN.
  2. Modify –> Attribute  and change Flowdirection attribute with BOTH or write on command line : FLOW BOTH
You can set the FLOWDIR attribute of bran with BACK, FORW, BOTH.
BACK  direction of flow arrow symbol will accordance from tail to head.
FORW direction of flow arrow symbol will accordance from head to tail.
BOTH flow arrow symbol will be double.
and try to generate pdms isometric drawing again.
Below is the sample of pdms isometric drawing with two phase flow symbol.
Mengubah Arah Flow Arrow Menjadi Dua Arah pada Isometric Drawing PDMS
Isometric drawing with two phase flow symbol
May be useful, please post comment if any question.

Here is link location of pdms download macro and pdms training.

One thought on “Two Phase Flow Arrow in PDMS Isometric Drawing”

  1. In case of isometrics extraction what can be done to get true north coordinates on iso when the modelling is done on plant coordinates. Is there any option to set the reference for coordinates.
    For example take coordinates as E 787606.041m and N. 3206441.706m and angle with plant north is 1.53°.

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