PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report

PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report is tools to generate a report that contain all bolts in every pipe. This tools can export the bolt report to Microsoft excel file ( xls ).

Every project need calculate all material in a simple report and not waste time to make the report and not take off manually one by one. This macro can do calculate how many material of bolts that used in the project with easy way and easy to read by user.

Below is the user interface of this macro

PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report
PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report

Menu :

Generate for CE button : Generate how many MTO of bolts for Current Element and display to table view.

Save button : Export report to Microsoft excel file ( xls )

Table view : Display bolt report list, you can sort and filter before export to Microsoft Excel file.

PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report works this way :

  1. Drag and drop macro file in to pdms command line, will show the Piping Bolts Report form and ready to use.
  2. Select an element will be reported ( example : select the SITE hierarchy it’s mean all pipe under current element will be reported ).
  3. Click the Generate for CE button and will show the report in table view.
  4. Click Save button to export the material take off report to excel file.
  5. Drag and drop the heading of report on table view to get the different format of report, filter and sort.


PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report Filter
PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report Filter
PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report Save
PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report Save
PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report Excel
PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report Excel

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16 thoughts on “PDMS Macro Piping Bolts Report”

  1. Hi
    It is possible to add more columns to this report, as?
    Thank you very much

  2. Hi
    First of all, thank you for your quick response.

    The columns I need are:
    Name of Site
    Spec of Flan
    Pipe Name
    DTXR of Flan
    DN of Flan
    Description of Bolt
    Diam of Bolt
    Long. of Bolt
    :Unicode “UDA Itemcode Based on Bolt legth”

    Thank you very much and I await your response

    1. Hi,
      we can not get Spec of Flan and flange info with bolt report.
      but we can sparate collect all flange in line to be reported and compare with bolt spec that use in the flange.

      To get :Unicode “UDA Itemcode Based on Bolt legth”,find Bolts.pdmsid file and change FileIso value in line 41 with location of isometric option file.


  3. Okay,
    I’ll prove what he says in his mail and tell you
    Anyway, thanks a lot for your help
    Receive greetings

  4. Hi
    I’m interested in buying this macro but can not afford it on the site.
    Do you have another option?

      1. Hi,
        I have purchased the Macro and it is working. Like to know whether do u have any ma to for generating Bolt error report whcin needs to be addressed prior to take the final report.

        Please advice, ashok@kavinengg.com

  5. How to generate the bolt report list from iso draft? could you please explain me? Thanks.

  6. I m getting an error using the form

    46,94) PML: Unknown variable type NETGRIDCONTROL.
    In line 44 of Macro Y:\temp\PDMS_Macro_Piping_Bolts_Report\PDMSid\BoltsForm.pdmsid
    member .dbCtrl is NETGRIDCONTROL

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