Memasukkan STP ( STEP – File) ke Pdms

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Artikel ini membahas bagaimana untuk meng-import STP (langkah – file) ke PDMS. STP adalah ekstensi file untuk file grafis 3-D yang digunakan oleh software CAD. STP singkatan standar untuk Pertukaran model Produk data.

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AVEVA memiliki perangkat lunak yang dapat meng-export 3d model pdms ke dalam bentuk STP file yaitu MEI (Mechanical Equipment Interface). Tapi software ini berlisensi oleh AVEVA yang digunakan untuk mentransfer 3d desain antara sistem 3D MCAD & AVEVA PDMS atau AVEVA Outfitting model 3D secara akurat.

Jangan takut, karena jika kita hanya meng-import STP file ke dalam bentuk 3d PDMS masih dapat menggunakan software MEI.

Baru : anda dapat menkonversi 3D Solid AutoCAD ke 3D Extrusion Primitive PDMS menggunakan 3D AutoCAD to PDMS Converter.

Berikut cara – cara meng-import  STP File ke PDMS :

1. Masuk pada aplikasi Equipment, Design –> Equipment

Import STP ( STEP - File) into Pdms Application

2. Buka menu Mechanical Equipment Interface, Utilities –> Mechanical Equipment Interface

Import STP ( STEP - File) into Pdms Utilities

Import STP ( STEP - File) into Pdms MEI

3. Pilih element untuk peletakkan, klik tombol CE.

4. Klik tombol Browse..  untuk memilih file STP yang akan di import.

Import STP ( STEP - File) into Pdms Browser

5. Klik tombol Import untuk meng-import.
Import STP ( STEP - File) into Pdms Genpri

Type hasil import adalah GENPRI bukan primitive. Itu dapat diconvert dalam bentuk primitive melalui tabs Modify di menu Mechanical Equipment Interface.

Import STP ( STEP - File) into Pdms Modify

11 thoughts on “Memasukkan STP ( STEP – File) ke Pdms

  1. Muho Lee

    Hi. Good day.
    Previously, I used the MEI for importing the STP files into PDMS.
    As you know, the function is based on the IMPLANT license.
    Is there any other method to import STP files into PDMS without MEI?

      1. Muho Lee

        Thanks for your quick response.
        I think this macro is suitable for my expectations.
        However, when I click the download button, it is not available.
        Could you guide to download this macro?
        Sorry to disturbing you.

          1. Muho Lee

            Can I get the trial for this macro?
            After trial, we’ll consider the purchasing for this function.

          2. Muho Lee

            I tried to apply it but it is occuring the error. VLX is loaded in AUTOCAD without error.
            Meanwhile, when I type the command “3DTOPDMS” then there is no next steps.

          3. admin Post author

            whether the menu appears in autocad? What version of AutoCAD are you using?, generate id by click the generate id button and send to ID to

  2. djpumu

    Please what version PDMS with Implant-I??


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  4. Jeamy Baena

    What other formats can PDMS import? (SAT, IGES, DWG, ….)



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