Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command

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Halaman ini menunjukkan bagaimana cara-cara men-konversi file DXF ke PLT.

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Software Aveva Pdms mempunyai peralatan tambahan guna untuk mengkonversi file DXF ke file PLT dengan mudah. Peralatan tersebut bernama Plot.exe yang berlokasi di C:\AVEVA\Plant\PDMS12.0.SP*\Plot\Plot.exe.

Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command

Tetapi file Plot.exe tersebut tidak bisa dijalankan secara langsung, harus melalui command prompt atau commandline pdms.

berikut command yang digunakan SYSCOM ‘PLOT ( spasi ) PDMS ( spasi ) letak file DXF ( spasi ) letak file PLT hasil konversi ‘

Contoh command Convert Dxf to Plt :

SYSCOM   ‘PLOT  PDMS  D:\PDMSid\Tutorial\pdms.dxf   D:\PDMSid\Tutorial\pdms.plt

Cara – cara konversi file DXF ke PLT :

  1. Buat file dxf melalui program AutoCAD.
  2. Explode semua object yang sudah digambar agar semua object bisa dikonversi kan ke file PLT.
  3. Simpan file AutoCAD dalam bentuk file DXF.
  4. Simpan file DXF tersebut di sebuah folder dengan nama folder tidak mengandung spasi. contoh D:\PDMSid\Tutorial\pdms.dxf  bukan D:\PDMSid convert\Tutorial\pdms.dxf
  5. Buka program Aveva PDMS dan ketikkan command PLOT diatas.


Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command DxF

DXF file


Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command PLT

PLT file

Semoga bermanfaat dan silahkan bertanya jika ada pertanyaan dengan menuliskan di kolom komentar.

12 thoughts on “Convert Dxf to Plt file with Pdms plot command

  1. KSCV


    It doesn’t do well. It get the following error: FILE FORMAT UNEXPECTED


  2. Kscv

    I correct. In one Project I’ve the error: FILE FORMAT UNEXPECTED but in other Project it run Ok.

    When I open the “plt” file, the scale is very small. As small that I can’t see anything.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kscv,
      What meaning of “in other Project”, whether PDMS version is different?
      what PDMS version are you using ?
      Try make a DXF file from CAD with full as A4 ( 297 x 210 ) paper and set LIMITS ON.

  3. KSCV

    Hi admin,

    I have the version PDMS 12.1.SP4 fix20. Now runs. The problem have been that de the CAD had dimensions very small.

    Thanks for all.

  4. KSCV


    What style of lettering must be put to detect all right?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Hi KSCV,
      you can use font style from PDMS in C:\AVEVA\Plant\PDMS12.0.SP*\AutoDraftFonts
      add these font to CAD.

  5. KSCV

    I can’t do the “plt” OK. I’ve a problem with the simbols for example diameter and others. I don’t found any font with this simbol and It gives equal fount select. the program puts the same fount always. I don’t understand why doesn’t use the fount that I want 🙂


    1. admin Post author

      I think you can try to convert TEXT to LINE/ARC with command TXTEXP in AUTOCAD before.

  6. KSCV

    This solution is good.

    Thanks for all. 😀


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