Get the number of PDMS isometric drawing sheets

Use this pdms macro you can count how many the sheet number of PDMS isometric drawing sheets from a pipe. And you can get the report all pipe that can not be extracted to isometric drawing.

Very importance to know how many the sheet of isometric drawing for count the progress before the isometric extraction phase and need to check the pipe can be extracted or not. You can use the report result from this macro to known the pipe that should be corrected.

below is the user interface of PDMS isometric drawing sheets :

PDMS isometric drawing sheets user interface
User interface

This pdms macro works this way :

  1. Drag and drop pdms macro file in to pdms command line, will appears the menu of PDMS isometric drawing sheets.
  2. Set CE in an element will be reported ( example : SITE or ZONE ).
  3. Click Export the report button to save report in a text file.


PDMS isometric drawing sheets report


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