PDMS Macro set Linelist data to Attribute of Pipe Download

By about Aveva PDMS Software | PDMS Tutorial | PDMS Training | Saturday June 25th, 2016

PDMS Macro set Linelist is tool to enter attribute data link to the list PIPE object in PDMS program for display on Isometric drawings made with PML progamming.

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How to use PDMS Macro set Linelist :

1. Open file IsoDesignAtt.pdmsid with notepad.
2. Change variable !folderlocation with path name where you put this macro file and save.
3. Open file setinganBro.txt with notepad, change all value with order NAMEonForm|AttributeNAME|DataType.
4. Drag and drop theĀ PDMS Macro set Linelist (IsoDesignAtt.pdmsid) to PDMS commandline, will show the menu.
5. Select Current Element on PIPE.
6. Fill manually linelist data to the menu or click Load From button to copy data from other PIPE by selecting that PIPE.
7. Click Set Att button to insert value of linelist data to PIPE attribute on PDMS.