PDMS Macro MDB Switch Download

By about Aveva PDMS Software | PDMS Tutorial | PDMS Training | Thursday April 21st, 2016

Change to another MDB (Multiple Database) you wish to use easily with PDMS Macro MDB Switch.

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Advantage of PDMS Macro MDB Switch :

  1. Easy to be Installed no need administration configuration.
  2. Adding new MDB name to list easy, with notepad.
  3. Change different MDB without having to exit PDMS.

How to use PDMS Macro MDB Switch :

  1. Add new MDB name in configuration file using notepad.
  2. Drag and drop macro file in to pdms commandline.
  3. Choose MDB name.
  4. Click Switch button to start moving to selected MDB.

Click here to see detail of this pdms macro !!