Direct Login PDMS without enter the User Password

Everyone want to quick way to login/enter pdms because waste time to enter username and password every open new pdms, this direct login pdms page is tutorial how to enter pdms quickly.

Direct login pdms way :

  1. Open notepad program.
  2. Copy this code below, for example
    C:\pdms_bat_location\pdms.bat   SAM    SAMPLE/SAMPLE    /SAMPLE    DESIGN    *see below for meaning.
  3. Save notepad as *.bat file.
  4. Running the bat file.

pdms_batfile_path_location (space) project_code (space) user_name/password (space) mdb_name (space) modul_name (space) macro_location_if_required

Can running the pdms macro when enter the bat_file/when_login with add the macro file location in the last of code.

C:\pdms_bat_location\pdms.bat   SAM    SAMPLE/SAMPLE    /SAMPLE    DESIGN   $M/C:\macro.mac.

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