Create New SKEY for Isometric Drawing in PDMS DRAFT

The following is PDMS tutorial how to create new SKEY, sometimes we as PDMS Admin will need new symbols which is used to show the new components into isometric drawings.

Before creating a new SKEY, much better please click the link below to learn what is SKEY, Abbreviation Often used in PDMS Isometric.

Here’s how to create new SKEY, for example, make a symbol of Double Block and bleeds Valve:

1. Log on in to PDMS Draft, and make sure your user is admin draft. Or by typing the command: DRAFT in PDMS commandline.

2. Go into the draft administration menu by : Draft >> Administration…


3. Select the Symbol Libraries Isodraft by : Draft >> Isodraft Symbol Libraries…


4. Before you make a SKEY Symbol, you must have a hierarchy : LIBY – ISOLB – ISOTM



How to create :

Create >> Library

Create >> Isodraft Symbol Library…


Create >> Isodraft Symbol Template…

Provide a name for the SKEY Symbol, next is giving SKEY desired code,

Modify >> Isodraft Symbol Template…



5. Draw >> Primitive… to start creating the shape of SKEY Symbol.


Do not forget to create   ARRIVE     LEAVE



6. Once the shape has been made, the next step is to store key symbol in the form of files.

Utilities >> Export Isodraft Symbols…


7. File >> New , select the directory for storage, preferably in isometric option file is saved, and provide a name, eg ISOSYMBOL..

Select ISOLB then select ISOTM / SKEY that we created earlier.

Click the Add button to add SKEY which will be exported to a file.



8. How to use the SKEY file have been made (ISOSYMBOL), please refer to the following article. Using Custom SKEY in PDMS Isometric Drawing.

Please go to the page ( PDMS macro download ) to get AVEVA PDMS Macro and others PDMS tools in order to optimize your PDMS jobs.

Please write your request in the comments on the page Request to request of PDMS macro or PDMS tutorial.

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