Change Precision of Explicit By Position PDMS

PDMSid will share how to change precision of decimal digits number contained in the Position menu Explicit and Position By – Aveva PDMS. For example, just look at the result of the following changes:

Change Precision of Explicit Position Menu
Change Precision of By Position Menu
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Here below is an example of how to change the format of the text gadget and can be applied in Form Macro others.

How to Change Precision of Explicit By Position Menu :

1. Find file pos3DExplicit.pmlfrm ( untuk menu Explicit Position ) dan pos3DRelative.pmlfrm ( untuk menu Position By ) in PMLLIB folder, C:\AVEVA\Plant\PDMS12.0.SP6\PMLLIB\common\forms

2. Open the above file using Notepad application, add the following macro text:

!!RealFMT = object FORMAT()
!!RealFMT.UNITS = 'MM'
!!RealFMT.DP = 4

for the position of macros see in the image below

Change Precision of Explicit Position Macro
Change Precision of By Position Macro

3. Open Aveva PDMS.

to query the proper results, should be required to replace the Precision setting on the PDMS that is by command line : PREC 0.0001

Sample of  PRECISION result :

PREC 0.0001 result 2500.0002mm

PREC 0.1 result 2500mm

PREC 0 result 2500mm


Hopefully the above article to help readers, please write a comment if there are suggestions and questions.

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