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3D AutoCAD to PDMS Converter

3D AutoCAD to PDMS Converter is the tool that serves to convert 3D models from AutoCAD software into the PDMS software. There are several ways to convert from 3D AutoCAD to 3D PDMS, can use software by AVEVA also, MEI (Mechanical Equipment Interface) please refer  Import STP ( STEP – File) into Pdms. 3D AutoCAD… Read More »

Create New SKEY from AutoCAD 2D to PDMS Draft

How to create a new SKEY using AutoCAD 2D and transferred to PDMS Draft? by using this tool, you will be easy to convert 2D AutoCAD to PDMS Isodraft Symbol Template. Here’s how to use the tool New SKEY from 2D AutoCAD to PDMS Draft: 1. Open AutoCAD and load ISYMB_CAD2PDMS.VLX in AutoCAD, file can… Read More »

PDMS Macro Continuous Measurement Tools

By using PDMS Macro Continuous Measurement Tools we can measure the distance between two objects with the path that we want. Sometimes there are times when we need a useful tool to measure distances between objects with others. we will have difficulty if the distance that we want is not a straight distance between two… Read More »

Find Out an Element from VIEW Limits PDMS Draft

Here pdmsid share macros are used to find and determine what elements are contained within the VIEW Limits PDMS Draft by the boundary line which is predetermined. Before continue you may be interested in other pdms macro such as PDMS Macro Miter Elbows Primitive. Sometimes we need the info list of elements, such as pipes,… Read More »