AVEVA PDMS Macro Graphic Animation

PDMS Macro Graphic Animation AVEVA

You can do the animation in the graph PDMS such as rotate, wobble, and zoom using PDMS Macro Graphic Animation. Just as PDMS macros that I shared before, such as PDMS Macro Isometric Material List is the same PDMS jobs easier and easier to install.

Motion‘s View menu is the default menu of PDMS software. To display this menu we just type the command show !!GPHMOTION.

Some shortcomings of the View menu Motion default of PDMS software:

  1. You must know the location of the stop button so you can stop the animation process is ongoing.
  2. Not responding error will occur if too long animations, so it should be shut forcibly PDMS software in advance to be able to stop the animation process.

But PDMS Macro Graphic Animation different with View Motion from the default of PDMS software, see the picture below:

Aveva PDMS Software Macro View Motion
View Motion
PDMS Macro Graphic Animation
PDMS Macro Graphic Animation

Has been added the duration menu into PDMS Macro Graphic Animation so that we can easily adjust how long the animation lasts.

See also pdms software macro PDMS Macro Miter Elbows Primitive.

How to use PDMS Macro Graphic Animation :

  1. Download file macros on the download link below and extract the zip file.
  2. Save the macro file in the folder path that does not contain spaces, for example: D:\AvevaPdmsSoftware\PDMSid\
  3. Open fiile ViewMotionForm.pdmsid with notepad
  4. Change the variable !FolderMacroLocation with the location where you put this macro file.
  5. Drag and drop macro files ViewMotionForm.pdmsid to the PDMS command line.
  6. Show items that will be on display PDMS animation .
  7. Check Zoom If you want to view an zoom animation of the item, check the Wobble if you want to see an rocked animation on item :D, check Rotate if you want to see and spinning animation on item.
  8. Fill Increment Zoom to zoom speed in millimeters.
  9. Fill Rotate Increment value in degrees of rotation.
  10. Fill in duration to determine how long the animation progresses, the value of duration in seconds.
  11. Click the Apply button to see the animation.
  12. Click the Stop button to stop the animation, note: Stop button will not work after not responding appears.


Please go to the page ( PDMS macro download ) to get AVEVA PDMS Macro and others PDMS tools in order to optimize your PDMS jobs.

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