Aveva PDMS Auto Save Function

The PDMS Auto Save Function already includes in version PDMS 12. I think this function not recommended to be used in big collaborate work if no notification to save. Usually when 3d designer work and the model finish yet but suddenly have been saved. What happen ? effect can not be undo, in my opinion.

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But do not be panic because the PDMS Auto Save Function will display a confirmation form when autosave execute and you can ignore that.

How to save work in pdms automatically ?

below is the step to active PDMS auto save function :

  1. Open file pdmsui\des\addin\asave
  2. Remove # symbol
  3. Change FALSE to TRUE in ShowOnMenu text line.

below new value of ASAVE file :

# ———————————————————————-
#  (c) Copyright  2007 to Current Year  AVEVA Solutions Limited
#  File:            ASAVE
#  Type:            Add-in Definition
#  Module:          design
#  Author:          Malcolm Barlow
#  Created:         Wed Mar 28 2007
#  Description:     Add-in definition for autosave application
# ———————————————————————-
Name:          ASAV
Directory:     GEN
Title:         Autosave
Object:        apphsave
ShowOnMenu:    TRUE
StartupModify: GEN    :!!appHsave.modifyMenus()
helpAlias:       DRMPCM

Show the Autosave Menu :

  1. Open General Application
  2. Setting –> Save Work Options
Aveva PDMS Auto Save Function Menu
Aveva PDMS Auto Save Function Menu

Menu :

Operation : action command ( save or save and getwork ).
Interval : interval between autosave action ( 15 , 30, 45, 60 minutes ).
Start button : start autosave function.
Stop button : stop autosave function.
Dismiss : close the VM Autosave menu.

If interval time meet will show the confirmation form like below, click yes to save and no to ignore.

Aveva PDMS Auto Save Function Confirmation
Aveva PDMS Auto Save Function Confirmation

The autosave forms and functions from PDMS 12 can be used in PDMS 11.6.

Please go to the page ( PDMS macro download ) to get AVEVA PDMS Macro and others PDMS tools in order to optimize your PDMS jobs.

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