ASL Modeller application in PDMS 12

How to activate the ASL Modeller application ? below is the way to activate this application.

Pdms designers need tools to generate platform, stair, etc quickly and pdms have provided that tool to help pdms designer. In pdms version 11 is asl modeller application and upgrade to Access, Stairs & Ladders application in pdms version 12. But pdms designers prefer using old asl menu because have a simple menu and easy to use.

Below is the way to activate ASL Modeller application :

  1. Open file ACCESS in PDMSUI folder location ( C:\AVEVA\Plant\PDMS12.0.SP6\pdmsui\des\addins )
  2. Delete the hash ( # ) symbol on line NAME and after or see below for new content.
ASL Modeller before
ASL Modeller after






#  (c) Copyright  2004 to Current Year  AVEVA Solutions Limited
#  File:            ACCESS
#  Type:            Add-in Definition
#  Module:          design
#  Author:          Jamie Brunning
#  Created:         Wed Jun 03 16:17:00 2004
#  Description:     Add-in definition for ASL Modeller application
# ———————————————————————-
name:       ACCESS
directory:  ACCESS
showOnMenu: TRUE
object:     APPACCESS
title:      ASL Modeller
group:      1
groupName:  Structures
synonym:    CALLAC
helpAlias:  DRMPCM


ASL Modeller create


ASL Modeller


3 thoughts on “ASL Modeller application in PDMS 12”

  1. Am getting an error while am trying to create stair , that ‘no settings available to create stair tower’ how can I fix this problem..
    Expecting valuable reply..

  2. Thanks for this invaluable tip.
    Very usefull.
    Meanwhile, to design handrails, it is showing an error of “Invalid setting reference. Contact your ASL administrator”
    Please how can I resolve this error.
    Kindly help out.
    Thanks in advance.

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